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Our History

Image by Sincerely Media

After much turmoil, the Lord gave our Apostle a vision to start a ministry. This ministry was birthed through many trials and tribulations. This ministry started at 2226 Newton Road Thomasville Ga. Many times he felt alone and discouraged but persevered in faith that God would see him through. There were times he slept in his vehicle as well as the church. And he did it all because he knew God had given him this vision for a church. He recalls the time he got several months behind on the rent for the church and he went to the pastor who owned the churchand told him " I can't do this anymore and the pastor said you can't do what? I can't do this because nobody is showing up anymore and the pastor looked at him and said, yes you can I tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to forgive all the pass rent and I believe in you, I believe God has chosen you for such a time as this Go Back Do It Again. Apostle left the pastors office and drove back to the church there was one parishioner there sweeping off the front porch and she said  pastor I been waiting on you to come. The pastor could only cry because he still wanted to do what was right and pleasing to God in making sure the church's bills were paid. The pastor went on that day and had the service and the parishioner gave exactly what was needed to pay the bills of the church. Ever since that day, the vision of this church has continued to move forward. Since then many have come and gone but the restoration Outreach Family Worship center Inc. NFP has continued to move forward. This is just a small portion of our history. More to come!

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