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Are You Speaking! Are Your Words Taking Form.

It's the time! Pass the time! That we speak up as believers and Christians against what is taking place around us. Your very Christian values are being violated and infringed upon by the major powers of our enemies that are being empowered by satan himself to stop you and me as believers. But this is the time for all believers young and old no matter what race to stand together and fight against what is going on. And we must speak and let our words take shape and speak in one language together in prayer and fight against the enemy who is satan himself. We have the power of the Holy Ghost that has been sent as a helper to help his people. Speak saints! Let the words take shape and form. Speak to regions, Territories, continents, and realms tearing down demonic kingdoms, dimensions, powers, and realms. Hear me and what I say today and I say to you speak and stand for Jesus Christ everything else is nothing without him. We must give his respect and his value in our lives by getting rid of every idol we've put before whether house, job, family, whatever we have set up as god in our lives we must get rid of it. Proverbs 18:21 Life and death is in the power of the tongue and those love it will eat it's fruit. You Words have power.

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