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God has a way !

Have you ever been overwhelmed by how God can take your life and turn it upside down. Well it happens. The amazing part is he will use a the least like thing or person to do it. I have a career in mental illness and it's rewarding to see how you can touch someone else through the love of Jesus Christ. Their backgrounds can be horrible, but through the love of God that shown through you God changed them. I remember not wanting this career in mental illness and ran from what God wanted me to do for five years until I submitted my self and said I'll try it out. Well it turned out to be the place God most favored at. I was really able to identify and with the field I'm in having gone through depression myself and I mean deep depression. But what God has delivered me from I'm able help others and this my field of great favor. See God sees us as souls where others sees us as individuals. He loves us one and the same. The amazing part is that God has a way to challenge us and waits patiently to say I can take what you been through and make it work for you and bless you at the same time. Ooooh how he has flipped my life completely just by yielding to his will. I tell you God has a way!

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Cynthia Hester
Cynthia Hester
03 août 2022


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