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Hmm, Are we really concerned.

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

The persuasion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was meant to bring men and women alike out of their sins. Not to make them feel even more comfortable in sin. We are living in a society where truth is hated and sin is tolerated. But we seek the benefits of God, but we don't want God. And some of us say we want God, but on our terms and not his. Now we are living in a land that infested with diseases and plague and still we continue in our on ways instead of turning to Jesus Christ almighty thee only true savior that can reverse the effects of sin. Nah instead we trust medications with side effects that are worst than disease itself. We are in an hour a pivotal point in time where many are bitter and angry with God. Why? When it was our own actions that brought us to this place right here. Repent! It's not about the left or the right, Republicans or Democrats. But it's repenting and turning from your wickedness and nasty living. Wondering why he has not delivered cause you've only turn with your mouth and not with your heart. Let self evaluate and change our ways. Come back to righteousness and holy living and lifestyles. I said it cause I love all people even those that hate me be blessed.

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