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Healthful tip

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Blessings to all, thanks for reading our blogs. It's written out of a clean and pure heart. A health tip for those that may suffer certain issues as diabetes and high blood pressure. Here are some vitamin supplements that can help with that. But do your own research on these vitamin supplements. I am not a DOCTOR. But these are some vitamin supplements I have taken and they have helped me and my health has improved along with diet and exercise. Well here are the supplements for diabetes : vanadium, billberry and Chromium helps to heal the pancreas. Cinnamon and Chromium helps to lower blood sugar levels and speed up the metabolism( in some people). Cinnamon oil also has a lot of health benefits. Avacado eaten once a day also helps lower cholesterol. Consult your physician. But these are just some natural ways to help increase good overall health along with your diet. Remember live on purpose and live with a purpose.

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